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5 min readOct 31, 2020

Birthday Cake cannabis strain known as Birthday Cake, is a hybrid with strong body effects. Birthday Cake is the perfect way to end the day, with deeply relaxing effects that soothe the body without sedating the mind. This strain is preferred by athletes for painless body effect, calmness, appetite enhancement, anti-inflammatory, and self control of the mind.

Enhances possibility of positive outcomes through better decision taking.

Thought organization (also known as fluid intelligence) is defined as a state of mind in which one’s ability to analyze and categorize conceptual information using a systematic and logical thought process is considerably increased. It seemingly occurs through reducing thoughts which are unrelated or irrelevant to the idea of life, therefore improving capacity of the mind for structured and cohesive brain. This effect also seems to allow the person to hold a greater amount of relevant information (language comprehension increases) in their train of thought which can be useful for extended mental calculations, articulating ideas, and analyzing logical outcomes.

Thought organization is induced under the influence of mild dosages of stimulant and nootropic compounds, such as amphetamine, methylphenidate, and Noopept. However, this effect occur to a lesser extent under the influence of Birthday Cake cannabis strain. It is also worth noting that the same compounds which induce this mind state at light to moderate dosages can often result in the opposite effect of thought disorganization at heavier dosages.

Physical euphoria can be described as feelings of pleasure and comfort within and across the body. This euphoria typically feels somewhat comparable to the endorphins rushes felt during states of excitement or love, the coziness of a comfortable bed, and the rush of an orgasm. The forcefulness of this effect is pleasurable and beyond.

Muscle relaxation can be described as the experience of muscles losing their rigidity or tenseness while becoming relaxed and comfortable. This effect is useful in life.

Anxiety suppression (also known as anxiolysis or minimal sedation) is medically recognized as a partial to complete suppression of a person’s ability to feel anxiety, general unease, and negative feelings of both psychologically and physiologically. The experience of this effect may decrease anxiety-related behaviors such as restlessness, muscular tension, rumination, and panic attacks. This typically results in feelings of extreme calmness and relaxation.

Bodily control enhancement can be described as feeling as if there has been a distinct increase in a person’s ability to control their physical body with precision, balance, coordination, and dexterity. This results in the feeling is a much greater control variety of muscles across the body with the tiniest of subtle mental triggers.

Color enhancement is defined as an intensification of the brightness and vividness of colors in the external environment. During this experience, reds may seem “redder”, greens may seem “greener”, and all colors will likely appear much more colorful, visually satisfying than they comparatively would be during everyday living. At higher levels, this effect can sometimes result in seeing colors which are perceived as real and previously impossible.

Acuity enhancement is defined as a heightening of the clearness and clarity of vision. This results in the visual details of the external environment becoming sharpened to the point where the edges of objects become perceived as extremely focused, clear, and defined. The experience of acuity enhancement can be likened to bringing a camera or projector lens that was slightly blurry into greater focus in vision. At its highest level, a person may experience the ability to observe and comprehend their entire visual field simultaneously, including their peripheral vision. This is in contrast to the previous mind state where an eye is only able to perceive the small area of central vision in current time.

In effect, mind will notice patterns and details in the environment that the eye may have never previously noticed or appreciated. For example, the complexity and perceived beauty of the visual input often become apparent when looking at sceneries, nature, and everyday textures.

Conceptual thinking is defined as an alteration to the nature and content of mind internal thought stream. This alteration predisposes a brain to think thoughts which are no longer primarily comprised of words and linear sentence structures. Instead, thoughts become equally comprised of what is perceived to be incredibly detailed renditions of the internally understandable and internally stored concepts for which no words exist. Thoughts cease to be spoken by an internal thinking and are “felt” and understood intuitively.

For example, when mind feels introspection is the experience of a state of the mind in time in which a person feels as if they are being encouraged or forced to reflect upon and examine aspects of their life.

This state is felt to be extremely effective at facilitating therapeutic self-improvement and positive personal growth on a level that remains largely unparalleled by previous life in time. Outcome is logical resolutions to the present situation, future possibilities, goals, and personal acceptance.

This can result in the perception that the mind can better comprehend the complex interplay between the idea that is being contemplated and how brain relates to other ideas in life in current time.

Immersion enhancement is defined as an effect which results in increase of tendency of the mind to become fully captivated and engrossed by external stimuli such as music, film, movies, TV shows, video games, computers, and various other forms of media. increases empathy allows the mind to become engaged on a level that is largely unattainable during everyday life in time.

Increased music appreciation is defined as a general sense of an increased enjoyment of music. When music is listened to during this state, not only does the sound sound better, but the perceived music and lyrical content may have an impact on the listener.

This experience can give the mind a sense of hyper-awareness of every sound, lyric, melody, and complex layer of noise within a song in addition to an enhanced ability to individually comprehend significance and interplay. The perceived emotional intent of the musician and the meaning of the music may also be felt in a greater clarity than that which is attainable during everyday life in time.

An auditory enhancement is the experience of an increase and improvement of the acuteness and clarity of sound. This result in the person becoming extremely aware of all sounds around the eyes with the perception of an enhanced ability to comprehend multiple layers of sound and to better identify sound direction and location.

To enhance the results person can combine Birthday Cake cannabis strain with Medical Grade Sativa Level Experience Protabs.



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